First track on “Time Shift” album: “Groove was in the House”

I’ve just published the first track on my new album, “Time Shift”. The album is the result of a little walk down memory lane in 2022, particularly just before Christmas, remembering the standout things in my former life in South Africa: the local music scene, the wildlife, the wide-open spaces, the sounds that you only hear there, living in a mine village, going skiing in Europe (’cause it doesn’t snow in South Africa), having the ocean close by for sailing and messing about on the beach, and doing ballroom dancing. Random stuff, but things I used to enjoy, and don’t get to do or see anymore. The result is collection of 8 tracks, each focused on a piano melody, and each with an unusual combination of throw-back and current sounds, because time has shifted and life moves on.

The first track is “Groove is in the House”. The name is a play on “Groove in in the Heart”, the 1990 hit by Deee-Lite. It’s called this because it has a throw-back hip-hop/funk/dance vibe. Deee-Lite’s hit was one of those one-track wonders that I found absolutely irresistible. This track bridges the 1990s/early 2000s sound and today’s EDM and Melodic Techno, shifting it from vintage (?) to current. It’s supposed to make you want to get up and dance, so there’s a great big thumping Techno beat running through it – and it’s got the breakdown, drop and all.

The video is all about grooving and partying and getting on down in the disco – flashing lights, neon nightlife, psychedelic pastel permutations and all! (Well, there goes my coolth, straight on down the drain.)

Groove was in the House

Credits provided at the end of the video.

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