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Seth Godin explains “The Reality of Chasing Pop”

I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s Marketing micro-posts for years. Every so often he writes something in very few words that is absolutely true. I’ve reposted a particularly good one below. I need not say any more. This man knows what he’s talking about.

When I read it, I thought to myself, well, that’s the way it is. But I’m going to keep at it in any case. I’m afraid this music writing business is a bit of an obsession.

The reality of chasing pop

It’s tempting for a creator. To make a pop hit, a song or a book or a meme that becomes a popular idea and part of the culture.

In our lifetimes, it’s become possible to imagine that you could even make a living creating pop.

But pop is a harsh mistress, because pop means popular, which is, by definition rare and unfairly distributed. As long as it’s easy to create and rare to have a hit, there will be a huge majority of people who don’t win this lottery.

And it is a lottery. 

It’s tempting to believe that passion, skill and perhaps talent are sufficient to make a living in pop, but the math says otherwise.

It’s available to all of us, but there’s no guarantee that you can make a living at it.

FEBRUARY 26, 2023

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