Invenies Me Mane Caelo (On the Wings of Morning) – A hymn in Latin

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“Invenies Me Mane Caelo” is the latest track from my album “Divan” to be released on SoundCloud. It is unusual in that the lyrics are in Latin.

Latin Lyrics and English Translation

Verse 1
Domine cognovisti me.
Tu scis omnia dico quae.
Intellexisti cogitationes.
Domine, probasti me.

Verse 2
Quia non est in lingua mea
verbum quod non intellegis,
tu me custodies, in aeternum,
ab utero matris.

Verse 3
Quo ibo a spiritu tuo?
Tenebris oritur lux ex –
Domine indica mihi ubi?
Certe, illic es.

Verse 4
Opera tua magna sunt,
scit hoc mea anima.
In caelo et inferno,
quae sunt vides omnia.

Verse 5
Vides animam meam,
quamvis sit imperfecta.
In libro tuo scribentur:
ultima et prima.

Verse 6
Cogitationes tuae sunt
mirabiles ad me.
Sunt plus quam
mundus terrae, Domine.

Verse 7
Proba me, Deus,
et me interroga.
Domine, deduc me
in via aeterna.

Verse 8
Invenies me mane caelo,
aut fortasse infra mare,
dextera tua me deducet
et consolabit me.

Verse 1
Lord, Thou hast known me.
Thou knowest all that I mean.
Thou understands my thoughts.
Lord, thou hath tested me.

Verse 2
Because there is no word in my tongue
that Thou does not comprehend,
Thou safeguards me forever,
from the womb.

Verse 3
Shall I go forth from Thy spirit?
From the darkness, light arises –
Lord, canst Thou tell me where?
Thou art surely there.

Verse 4
Thy works are magnificent,
my soul knows this.
In heaven and hell,
thou sees all that exists.

Verse 5
Thou sees my soul,
although it is imperfect.
In Thy book shall be written:
the last and the first.

Verse 6
Thy thoughts are
wonderful to me.
They are more than
the sands of the world, Lord.

Verse 7
Search me, God,
and test me.
Lord, lead me
in Thy everlasting way.

Verse 8
If Thou will find me in the morning heaven,
or perhaps under the sea,
Thy right hand shall lead
and comfort me.

A 1622 painting of “King David Playing the Harp”, by Gerard van Honthorst


“Invenies Me Mane Caelo”, one of the songs all based on ancient texts on my album “Divan”, is Latin for “the wings of morning”. The Latin lyrics are based on the words of Psalm 139, which dates from about 970 BC/BCE and were were written by King David, ruler of the United Kingdom of Israel. “Invenies Me Mane Caelo” is performed by vocalist Ben Alexander, and the core melody is composed and performed on guitar by Luke Garfield.

The composition as a whole has elements of Gregorian Chant combined with modern instruments and beats. The English version from which I developed the lyrics comes from the Book of Psalms in the King James Bible, first published in 1611 CE. I translated parts of the English prose of the psalm back into Latin, as it has been centuries before, and set it into verse form. Dr. Domingo Avilés reviewed and corrected my Latin lyrics.

“Invenies Me Mane Caelo” is the second part of the Three-Song Psalm 139 Cycle on “Divan”.

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