Thérmos Album (2021)


Collection of 8 songs on album Thérmos (2021)


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Album: Look at the Sky (2021)

  1. Meditation
  2. Sorraia
  3. Before Sunrise
  4. The Empty Quarter
  5. Silk road
  6. Chimera
  7. Granada
  8. Heat Outro

Downloadable file format: AAC Audio stereo file, bit rate 256 kbps, sample rate 44.100 kHz
Length: 44 minutes
Artist: Cōdae
Composer/Producer: Marthe Bijman
ISBN: 978-1-927783-08-5 Thérmos
Mixing and Mastering: Banana Llama Studios/Mastering: SoundCloud
Publisher: Red Pennant Communications Corp.

Extra: Thérmos – Album liner notes (2nd ed.)