Thermós Album (2021)


“Thermós” (“θερμός” in Ancient Greek), means “warm”, “glowing” or “hot”.
This album consists of instrumental compositions that express ideas and moods associated with hot, remote, arid places.
It was inspired by art, music, literature and historical images from countries in the Middle East, Central and Eastern Asia, the Mediterranean, and North Africa: The deserts and remote mountain ranges of the Gobi, Sahara, and the Arabian Desert; journeys over vast plains with mirages shimmering in the distance; high mountain villages where the only sounds are the chiming of bells and soughing of the wind; and sun-beaten landscapes with dust-clouds from galloping wild horses, and long, slow camel trains.


Listen to Thermós -Album Tracks

Album: Thermós (2021)

  1. Meditation
  2. Sorraia
  3. Before Sunrise
  4. The Empty Quarter
  5. Silk Road
  6. Granada
  7. Chimera
  8. Timbuktu
  9. Heat Outro

Downloadable file format: AAC Audio stereo file, bit rate 256 kbps, sample rate 44.100 kHz
Length: 49 minutes
Artist: Cōdae
Composer/Producer: Marthe Bijman
ISBN: 978-1-927783-08-5 Thermós
Mixing and Mastering: Banana Llama Studios/Mastering: SoundCloud
Publisher: Red Pennant Communications Corp.