Track 6 on “Painting Music” – “Busted Piano”

Busted Piano is the result of playing around on the Plink platform, and in the video you can see the visualization used on the platform – a moving line, waveform of little blobs. I chose a particularly whiny, mechanical sounding synth for an instrument on Plink. To my ears, it sounded like a badly maintained player piano, or a wonky honky-tonk. To get the clips to sound more musical, I worked in a couple of bass guitars, a sax, some crooning vocalizing and an Afro-Cuban Piano – an instrument in Logic which is suitably analog-sounding.

In the end, the track reminded me of something you’d hear coming out of a dark, smoky bar somewhere, where the singer perches on the piano and the pianist – bowler hat on head, chewing on a cigar – hammers away at the keys. I probably have an over-active imagination, but it’s how I got the song’s title. (I do not advise mutilating the keys of your piano with stiletto heels.)

Lyrical Video – Busted Piano

Track: “Busted Piano”
Audio: ©Cōdae 2022
Audio: ISRC CBAKR2203006
Album: Painting Music
Mixing & Mastering:     Banana Llama Studios
Lyric Video Design and publishing:      Red Pennant Communications Corp.
Music Visualization made on:  “Plink” A.I. app by DinahMoe
Musician footage from: by
– Yan Krukov  
– Cristian Rojas
– C-Technica   
– Cottonbro
– Rodnae Productions 

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