Album – Armin2016 (2021)

Armin2016, an album of Trance tracks, was produced from Dec. 2021, and singles from the album are being released in Q2 of 2022:

  1. Mesomedes
  2. PopUp
  3. Armin and Me
  4. When Morning Comes
  5. SinT (Sonata in Trance)
  6. Carillon
  7. Outro (Armin2016)


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Armin and Me

When Morning Comes


👉Post about SinT

This is a composition which is rhythmic, slow and hypnotic. Don’t be surprised if you relax so totally while listening to it that you nod off. “SinT” stands for Sonata in a Trance form – that’s why it is almost 20 minutes long. It is a synthesis – or fusion – of the Sonata and Trance forms. The movements in a Sonata and the parts of a Trance track are similar, however, to introduce the variations required in a Sonata, there are more and different instruments than expected for either form.
The composition contains all the orchestral sections, keyboards, woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, and electronic, but is driven by a Trance beat leading up to a drop.
The most prominent instruments are the piano, synth keyboards, strings, bells and trumpets.


👉About Carillon

I call this 6th song on Armin2016 “Carillon” because of the most noticeable or unusual instrument in it: one of the Indonesian Gamelans. The Gamelan is an ensemble of tuned percussion instruments. In this piece, it is the specifically the electronic version of the Gendér, a 13-tone metallophone, which sounds like bells being rung.
During the Christmas holidays in Dec. 2021, I was listening to Yo-Yo Ma’s explanation of how Debussy came to use Indonesian Gamelan sounds in his compositions, after he had attended the Paris Exposition of 1889. I listened again to Gamelan musicians and the wonderful sounds the instruments make.
I felt like writing a Christmassy song, and decided to incorporate the Gamelan instruments because I like the sounds, but also because I associate Indonesia, gamelans and bells with the Netherlands at Christmas time, which was a really special, happy time for me.

Outro (Armin2016)

Liner notes

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