Track 5 on “Painting Music”: “Appleblossom Blink” – A Bit of East & West to a Trip-hop Beat

Track 5 on album “Painting Music”

Appleblossom Blink is a somber melody with some sweet chords. It’s an original instrumental created from sounds generated on the web audio generation platforms Google Arts & Culture Paint with Music and Plink by DinahMoe. The composition is in the Japanese Hirajōshi scale, and features the melancholy shakuhachi flute and the evocative yueqin, combined with synths and piano. It is techno with a twist: the song consists of unusual contrasts in the beats, scales, instruments, and the melodies. (Mixed and mastered by Banana Llama Studios.)

Appleblossom Blink – Mixed and Mastered by Luke Garfield, Banana Llama Studios

Lyrical Video

The song has a trip-hop/off-beat rhythm, starting with vox sample that sounds like someone vocalizing the word “blink”. The trickiest part of producing the lyrical video was to precisely match the trip-hop rhythm, and the parts of the song which are slower, more flowing and has the wind instruments, to the tight choreographed moves of the hip-hop dance crew.

Audio track: “Appleblossom Blink” ©Cōdae 2022       
Album: “Painting Music”
Album: ISRC CBAKR2203000
Track ISRC:  CBAKR2203005
Mixing & Mastering:     Banana Llama Studios
Lyrical video produced and published by: Red Pennant Communications Corp.
Music Visualization created on: “Plink” A.I. app by DinahMoe Labs.
Dancer video clips sourced from: (royalty-free)
Clips attributed to:
CottonBro Studio – Female Hip Hop dancers (production ID 7975419)
CottonBro Studio – Female hands movements (production ID 4659832)
Pavel Danilyuk – Ballerina doing pirouettes (production ID 4990426)
Yaroslav Shuraev – Woman in red kimono

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