Don’t forget 3/4 time!

Songs are not always on a 4/4 beat. That’s what I’ve found out. I had religiously stuck to the 4/4 time signature setting in Logic Pro, until one day I decided to write a waltz and – tarnation! – it didn’t work. Waltzes are actually quite tricky to write, especially if you want to write one to which you can do a Ballroom Waltz (with all those *hold* moments and long glides).

After struggling for weeks, the solution to this song, which is optimistically called Bounce, came from watching Carlos Santana’s Masterclass:

“Carlos also encourages players and composers to remember time signatures other than the standard 4/4. For instance, many classic works have been written in 3/4, and Carlos demonstrates ‘My Favourite Things’ and ‘Afro Blue’ as two such examples.”


My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music! Who’d have guessed that Carlos Santana also likes My Favourite Things – which is…umm…one of my favourite things! Though I did not know it is in 3/4 time.

I thought about what he had said and demonstrated with so much skill and soul, and ditched the waltz idea. In stead, I combined a 3/4 beat with a 4/4 swing beat.


After that, the sound engineer took it over and made the song sound as if it were born to be bouncy!

It’s a simple melody at 100 bpm and if you want you can hum along with it. Perhaps that is its charm. Every time I hear it, it makes me feel like getting up and jiving around the room. I have often asked myself whether it needs more than an intro, verse, chorus and outro. Every time the answer was, nope. Just leave it alone.

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