Breaking down a trance-classic fusion – “Sonata in Trance”

Last week, my track SinT (Sonata in Trance), track 5 on the album Armin2016, went live on SoundCloud. It is, of course, not something that is to everyone's taste. Even a film soundtrack would not be one unbroken piece of music, but rather short parts played in the order of the scenes in the film. … Continue reading Breaking down a trance-classic fusion – “Sonata in Trance”

It’s all about Armin

Track 3 on the album Armin2016, is now out, called - appropriately - Armin and Me. Cōdae · Armin And Me The song cover for Armin and Me (above) was made with psychedelic AI-generated graphics and shows the sea, sail boats and tulips. Clichéd perhaps, but the art is a nod to Armin van Buuren’s … Continue reading It’s all about Armin

Don’t forget 3/4 time!

Songs are not always on a 4/4 beat. That's what I've found out. I had religiously stuck to the 4/4 time signature setting in Logic Pro, until one day I decided to write a waltz and - tarnation! - it didn't work. Waltzes are actually quite tricky to write, especially if you want to write … Continue reading Don’t forget 3/4 time!

Things go ‘pop’!

PopUp! One test of Trance music is whether it will get you dancing. So, I wrote something short, sharp and popping to do just that. Does it make me want to get up and dance? Yep. Sure does. It's called PopUp! because that's the vocalizing sounds like. The vocalizing is "chanter en yaourt" - or singing … Continue reading Things go ‘pop’!